BodybyJR Personal Training

BodyByJR Personal Training

What you get…


We motivate our clients by discussing and setting personal health and fitness goals with realistic expectations and providing feedback with accountability.

Our trainers will teach and guide you on how to perform exercises correctly, safely and help you address sustainable healthy lifestyle changes.

All block personal training rates include a personalised meal plan and training plan which we amend / analyse every month, body fat measurements, body / inches measurements, photos and weigh ins.




*Please note that all block packages have to be used within 3 months from purchase date*

Individual Pricing

 Personal PT (1hr)

1 Session      –  £45

5 sessions    –  £200

10 sessions  –  £375

Group Pricing

Group PT (2 people, 1hr)

1 session      –  £30 per person

5 sessions    –  £120 per person

10 sessions  –  £200 per person



For further information or to book a PT Session,

please email us using the contact form below.

Our Trainers

Who will train with you?

Ray Bath

Jordan Saunders-Bath

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