Pricing Options

All meals above are £5 each.
  • If you order 10 or more, you’ll receive a £5 discount.
  • If you order 15 or more, you’ll receive a £7.50 discount.
You can order as many meals as you want for as many days as you need and we can sort a price for you if more than stated above.
For Breakfast add on £3 per day
Includes delivery

Breakfast Choices

Greek yogurt with granola & honey
Soaked oats and fruit
Egg muffins


Main Meal Choices

Chicken satay with rice spinach
Tender Beef with rice and carrots
Lemon bbq chicken with potato
Chicken curry with cous cous
Chicken fajita with rice
Turkey Teriyaki with rice
Italian meatballs with pasta
Pulled Pork Fajitas


Can swap rice for potato / cous cous
/ pasta above vice versa


Delivering in a certain radius in Essex

Please enquire via email or

and we will send you an order form.


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