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At BODYBYJR, we have created a brand new 12 WEEK SHAPE, BUILD & CUT PLAN

which can be purchased online.


If you’re a male with; 

·       some training experiences 

·       unsure of what to eat or how much

·       have a passion to transform your body

·       have a goal date in 12 x weeks’ time / want a summer body

·       want to lose fat, build muscle

·       can eat frequently throughout the day whilst at work

·       can have the time to train for up to 1.5 hours daily / 6 x weekly in the later stages of the plan

·       want to learn how to train with intensity and how to apply vast training techniques 


If you’ve answered yes to any of these points, then this plan could be for you!

Want to know more?

The plan consists of 3 x 2-week phases:

SHAPE – PHASE ONE - designed to get you eating frequently throughout the day, healthy and enjoyable foods to support 3/4 x weekly training sessions. At this stage you will drop body fat.

BUILD – PHASE TWO - increases in food volume and frequency to assist with muscle growth (body fat reduction may not be so apparent). Training will increase in volume and frequency too.

CUT – PHASE THREE - reduction in food and eventually a carbohydrate cycling plan to strip away remaining body fat. The alteration of carbohydrate intake will prevent a fat loss plateau and will maintain metabolic rate and workout performance. This method is quite aggressive so is very effective but must remain short term. 



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