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At BODYBYJR, we have created a female beginners weight training programme which can be purchased online for just £29.99.

Have you feared the weights area?  Unsure of what to do?  Unsure of how to train?  Are you ready to sculpt your body and train for the body you desire?  This is a full body training programme that will educate you on how to exercise correctly.  This beginners weight training programme is designed for females who want to get fit, lose body fat and build lean muscle.


Want to know more?

The training guide is a three day split (push, pull and legs) which covers a full body workout routine across the week.  We have included photos of every exercise to explain how to perform them correctly, allowing you to be confident whilst working out. We have also created a log sheet to write down your weights each session.  There are advanced options / equipment that can be used with every exercise if you feel you need to increase or decrease the intensity.


We have provided information about reps, sets and rest times so all you have to worry about is doing the training!



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