BodybyJR 6 week Bikini Promise

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6 week bikini promise2.png

BodybyJR 6 week Bikini Promise


NEW female 6 week nutrition and training plan which can be purchased online £60. Are you ready to start your fat loss transformation? In just 42 days, your body will transform and the way you view nutrition will never be the same again. This is not a short term, fad diet, low calorie, no carb fix... This is a lifestyle change that will educate you on how to exercise, fuel the body and build the physique you've wanted. The 6 week bikini promise is designed for females of all levels who want to get fit, lose body fat and build lean muscle. 

Want to know more? Bikini guide further info:

The six week bikini promise guide is a 30 page healthy lifestyle guide devised by bodybyjr that will educate you on nutrition and training the correct way and achieve fat loss, weight loss and change in body composition results.

It is split into 3 x 2 week phases and will guide you through step by step on each phase. Each phase is broken down into calories and macronutrients so the client can see what they are eating, how it's broken down, how much they are eating and what foods are healthy.

Each phase has a variety of meal options so the client will not get bored of foods and there are substitutes if the client dislikes options.

The training guide is a three day split which covers a full body weight routine across the week alongside advised cardio training.

The plan is devised for females who want to lose body fat, weight, tone up and be educated on how to achieve long term, sustainable results the correct way whilst repairing / increasing the metabolism.

You will have full online support.

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