At BODYBYJR, Jordan & Ray BSc (Hons) Sports Science, are fitness professionals and pro fitness models with over 10 years combined experience. The services BODYBYJR can offer include, personal training, 24/7 online support, prep coaching, fat loss, muscle gain, sport specific training, life coaching, competitive fitness models, recovering from eating disorders, healthy lifestyle changes and personalised online plans. They work with their clients to help them achieve exactly what they are striving for.  Whether that be to become leaner, to lose fat, or to compete in body building competitions, BodybyJR will coach you and build you a plan to ensure their clients reach their goal. 


"It's amazing how two people can change your life" - BODYBYJR client


Paul Riggs reviewed Bodybyjr — 5 star
Started training with ray 4 months ago and quickly realised he spends a lot of time preparing a personalised training program for your individual needs/requirements.  
With a weaker side of my body due to one leg shorter and twisted torso due to this, he makes sure I train each side on it's own so the stronger leg/arm doesn't take over.  Also making sure I'm using the right muscles when I lift and not just a lift the weight however I can approach.  Patience of a saint while I try and find muscles that have been asleep � for over 40 years !!

Rachael Fleur Toole reviewed Bodybyjr — 5 star
Jordan is my online coach and has totally changed my life! She has helped me gain a healthy balance with food which has resolved many health issues I used to have. I really don't know how I'd manage without having her in my life.

Carli Burgess reviewed Bodybyjr — 5 star
Jordan and Ray run an excellent business, they are so dedicated and passionate about what they do, there knowledge and time is second to none. They have changed the way I train, and eat.. and I can't thank them enough..







Sadly our bootcamp is cancelled until further notice due to circumstances beyond our control.

We will send out details via our Facebook page and Instagram once we have further information. 

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Personal training - 24/7 online support - prep coaching - fat loss - muscle gain - sport specific training - life coaching - competitive fitness models - recovering from eating disorders - healthy lifestyle changes - personalised online plans


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